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“My house is not cooling, and my AC runs all the time.”
  • Check the filter(s) and replace/clean them if needed – if dirty they may be blocking the air from flowing. The size is usually printed on the filter and can be purchased at a local home improvement stores or ordered and shipped online. Be sure to buy a couple of extra to have replacements readily available.
  • Check the breaker marked “AC” at the electrical panel. If it is tripped, reset it. If it keeps tripping, then it may be a faulty capacitor or compressor, or there may be a loose wire.
  • The thermostat may need new batteries or may need to be replaced if it is old.
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“There’s water leaking!!”
  • The condensate drain may be clogged with sediment. If the PVC drain has a T and a vent or opening, try to clear it.
  • The condensate pan may have a hole or crack in it.
  • If there is a sizeable amount of water when the AC is running, turn it off. Prevent water damage!!
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“My AC is on outside, but there is little to no air blowing inside my house.”
  • The AC system may be “iced up.” The filter could be dirty, the refrigerant charge may be low, or there is a failed component in the inside or outdoor part of the system.
  • If you see ice that has formed on the copper lines or on the compressor outside turn the system off.
  • It is critical that the refrigerant level and pressures be checked to make sure the system is healthy. Checking and altering refrigerant levels should ONLY be performed by an HVAC Technician that carries an EPA 608 Certification. Specific tools and expertise will ensure proper charging and operation of the AC System.
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