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“My ducting looks like it’s falling apart.”
  • It is important to have secure and intact ducting with a maximum insulation factor. Good, solid ducting will ensure the following: air is directed to where it is intended, at the right temperature, and as efficiently as possible.
  • Check to see if the ducting layers are starting to pull apart. Duct tape together any outer layers that are falling off, if possible.
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“I’m not getting enough air in some of my rooms and way too much air in others.”
  • The ducting may have come apart in some sections or may have disconnected from the system. Sometimes, other workers that are in the attic or under the house can compromise or crush sections of the ducting without realizing the damage they have caused. Damaged sections can be replaced.
  • The system may need to have an Air Balance performed. An HVAC Professional has the equipment and expertise to test and adjust the air flow as needed to optimize the performance of the Central Air System.
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“There’s a smell in the air when I turn on my heater/AC.”
  • There are some instances that rodents will nest inside the ducting or furnace box. There is a strong urine or dead animal smell that will come through the ducting, primarily during the heat function.
  • Sometimes the internal part of the AC, the evaporator, can build a bacteria that creates a musty smell when running the AC. It can be cleaned and sealed with protectant.
  • When components at the interior part of the system, such as capacitors, fuses, and control boards fail, they can create a smell that will come out of the air supply registers. If this happens, turn off the system for safety.
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